If you have other drivers parking near your covered car you may also consider....

Coverzone's Unique Side Protection System.

If you have ever had a nice shiny car in near perfect condition and worried that someone is going to park next to you and jam their car door into your car's bodywork then this is for you!
Coverzone have now developed a side protection buffer system that they can install in your new cover prior to despatch. This clever option permanently fixes a strip of high impact buffer pads along the side of the car in the door and side panel area where they are most vulnerable to door dings and scuffs.

The buffer pads are permanently fitted to the cover with double stitching and whilst they do not absolutely guarantee that your car will remain in pristine condition, they will provide much more protection in all those visible areas that are both costly and difficult to repair.
Once we receive the order for your new cover with side protection system we will take a stock cover and our skilled machinists will add the option to the inner lining on both sides. The cover will be a little bulkier when folded but the pads cleverly concertina closed when not in use so handling and storage of the cover is still a breeze.

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Thursday 18 April 2024

Car Mat - Little Change, Big Difference

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The car mats form a very important part of the interiors of your car. So, if you think that you are done with your old car mats, it is important that you get a new mat at the earliest instance.

8th January 2020

The car mats form a very important part of the interiors of your car. So, if you think that you are done with your old car mats, it is important that you get a new mat at the earliest instance. At Coverzone, we excel in delivering customized car mats for you that are crafted from the finest materials. If you are looking to get a car mat that offers you powerful performance for many years, you should definitely consult us for the best quality car mats that money can buy. We have been designing and crafting car mats for many years now and we can certainly offer you products that will be to your liking.

Plenty of people find their car mats getting disintegrated only after using them for a few years. The reason for this is that these mats are made from poor quality materials that eventually wear out after being used for a couple of thousand miles. However, at Coverzone Mat we do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to finding top grade raw materials that we can use to create your car’s mats. The best thing about buying car mats from us is that we can provide you with top grade products at the most decent prices.

We offer custom car mats

Once you decide to get our car mats for your vehicle, all you need to do is visit our official website and provide us with the information of the car make and model that you have. Our team of experts can take into account the specific measurements of your car and then create a custom designed car mat that is just perfect for you. At Coverzone Mat, we combine best quality materials with the most skilled craftsmanship in order to produce car mats that are absolutely top notch. We finish each and every mat by hand and our experts work with contrast or matching bindings. With each and every project that we handle, we always focus on implementing style fittings for the original equipments.

Powerful performance of our products

One of the reasons why our car mats deliver performance for many years is the meticulous approach that we take at crafting every product. For instance, the base of these mats is equipped with an anti-slip coating. The material of the carpet mat is durable, tough and flexible. They can also be easily cleaned which means that you can keep your car mat minty fresh for a long time. Another distinct feature of our car mats is that you get them in any kind of colored binding that you want. So if you want to give that perfect finish to the interiors of your car, you can easily choose our custom car mats.

However, if you think that our car mats come at a high price then you could not be far from the truth. Our car mats are perfect for even the most budget friendly buyers and with our products you do not have to choose between high quality and an affordable price.  



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