If you have other drivers parking near your covered car you may also consider....

Coverzone's Unique Side Protection System.

If you have ever had a nice shiny car in near perfect condition and worried that someone is going to park next to you and jam their car door into your car's bodywork then this is for you!
Coverzone have now developed a side protection buffer system that they can install in your new cover prior to despatch. This clever option permanently fixes a strip of high impact buffer pads along the side of the car in the door and side panel area where they are most vulnerable to door dings and scuffs.

The buffer pads are permanently fitted to the cover with double stitching and whilst they do not absolutely guarantee that your car will remain in pristine condition, they will provide much more protection in all those visible areas that are both costly and difficult to repair.
Once we receive the order for your new cover with side protection system we will take a stock cover and our skilled machinists will add the option to the inner lining on both sides. The cover will be a little bulkier when folded but the pads cleverly concertina closed when not in use so handling and storage of the cover is still a breeze.

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Thursday 18 April 2024


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Service rating : came quickly and fits well
Product : came quickly and fits well


Service rating : The product (cover) is very good...sturdy construction and much better / complete fit vs. my previous cover.

The service however lacked a few features. I was never informed with any delivery information...the package just appeared on my doorstep. The packing list addressed by a person in Missouri showed charges for VAT which I would expect from a UK shipper, but not from a US address or perhaps a distributor who had my cover sitting on a shelf. I could be wrong, but these seem to be some strange facts.
Product : Very good fit and heavier construction than my previous cover. A little off-put by the instructions for a "breathable, waterproof cover" that requires removal and drying if it gets wet, though.


Price match guarantee:

We don’t want you to choose between the best product & service or the best price. That’s why we price match every product we sell against any product of similar specification from any other UK retailer. Just give our friendly staff a call with the product you’re interested in, the price and model that you’ve found elsewhere and we’ll happily take care of the rest.