Wednesday 19 June 2019

Car Covers Photoshoot

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It is that time again, the time of year when we take our newest patterns and latest covers and treat them to a photoshoot.  We like to show them that we care!

We are always adding new, bespoke, fully fitted car covers and bike covers that are made to the exact specifications of the make and model. It is this approach that gives us the most joy and simultaneously the biggest headache. We are adding new designs to our collection weekly and offering our customers some of the best fitting covers for car, motorbikes and machinery. We are proud of the range of stock we offer and the feedback we receive regarding our high quality, all weather car covers.


Our biggest issue is providing you and our stockists with regular, high quality images that show the extensive range and quality we offer. We make a conscious effort to build upon our library of images and stock detail and ensure our customers have the best possible information when they are looking to buy a cover.

Split Image Photography

Split Image is a leading multi-purpose photographic studio based in Crawley, West Sussex, offering both studio and location photography, video production and social media content. We were excited to work with Split Image in Sussex again as they are specialists in automotive photography, giving us full automotive studio capabilities and their experience ensures we get the shots we need. Split image offer full production services for photo, video and more. They have an extensive and experienced team that give their clients everything they need in video and photo production.

Split image have 3 studios, 2 of which are available for day hire with equipment and assistants.
They are incredibly accommodating and friendly and deliver an end result we can all be proud of.
Working with some close friends and partners we were able to bring several exciting new cars and motorbikes to the shoot for the full day.

What's Next?

We are busy collating a new improved and much larger printed catalogue working with a well respect local graphic designer and we will be updating everyone with photos ensuring our stockists have the all the materials and collateral they need. Our new catalogue will be available before the Automechanika show in June. Watch this space, we will update you all once we have more details.


Price match guarantee:

We don’t want you to choose between the best product & service or the best price. That’s why we price match every product we sell against any product of similar specification from any other UK retailer. Just give our friendly staff a call with the product you’re interested in, the price and model that you’ve found elsewhere and we’ll happily take care of the rest.